Emily Sample-2013 Leadline Champion

The next show is scheduled for Sun, APR 13th.

Pre-entries can be e-mailed to Heather @ heather4ever@cox.net or smartphone users can take a picture of entry and text to 619-813-9050

The Monthly BOD & General Membership meetings will now be held on the third Wed. of the Month, except May 14th, at the Coco's Restaurant located at 1324 East Main St., El Cajon, at 7:00 PM.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the work party.


MAR 2 - Dennis Dean

APR 13 - Kash Grimes

MAY 4 - Amanda Wright

JUL 13 - Sherri Oden

AUG 3 - David Burrows

SEPT 7 - Fral Lalli & Kathy Callahan-Smith


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