September and final year end points are posted.


OPEN--Truly Tuff--Both Judges

YOUTH-Delaney Van Horn and Invite Henry--Both Judges

11 & Under-Ashley Bodie and Callin All Angels for Judge A, and Kylee McCammon and Scoot Along Fergie for Judge B

AMATEUR--Heather Bodie and Callin All Angels--Both Judges

Y/A 12 & over W/J-: Marta Burklin and Majic Silver Investment--Both Judges

New class list (new classes) and entry forms are available on the website..PLUS patterns are posted on the website and PLEASE in order to save a tree, we will be posting patterns at the show...BRING YOUR OWN COPIES!

Notice: Work hour requirements have changed for 2015. Exhibitors will be required to log 6 hours of work or pay $100 fee to qualify for year end awards.

Oct. Fun Show October 18th

The Monthly BOD & General Membership meetings will now be held on the third Wed. of the month at the Coco's Restaurant located at 1324 East Main St., El Cajon, at 6:30 PM.